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May 1980
Ricochet recorded Midas Light and Off the rails at Ginger Studios in Aldrige with Phil Dawson.
June 1980
The Finn sets up Heavy Rock Records in Birmingham. Midasl Light pressed and released in UK. Singer Geoff Sewell Does artwork for single cover and record label
Sep 1980
Ricochet played US Army Base in Hanau and sold many singles
Single goes with troops around the world to Japan and back to USA where it is bootlegged.
Demolition do German tour with Ricochet guitarist. Tour managed by The Finn of Ricochet.
Singer of Demolition and Bass Player of Ricochet form German Anglo-German NWOBHM band Damien
Damien get record deal and record at Recordland Studios in Berlin – the tapes are later returned to The Finn in 2010 for his own use
Midas light on NWPBHM Japanese – Bootleg CD – see https://blog.goo.ne.jp/burningasinner/e/21c221464fcb3eeac2454fc592383722
The Finn plays bass with the Handsome Beasts. Garry Galloway (Singer) gives The Finn a studio master tape to release. Little Sister is released on Cassette only.
Ricochet Record 5 tracks at Sabre Rose Studios in Coventry. These tracks are released as the Ricochet Singles on Heavy Rock Records
The Finn releases Reincarnation Vol 1 on Heavy Rock records
Ricochet play Spratton Music Festival. First gig in 20 years
Ricochet start writing again
Ricochet record 5 tracks in the Asylum Studios in Birmingham
Ricochet build new studio in Stratford and continue writing to complete new album. Heavy Rock Records re-launched.