Shy – Welcome to the madhouse


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SH01 Parasite 4:09
SH02 Crazy Crazy 4:32
SH03 It’s Only Rock ‘N’ Roll 4:18
SH04 What Would Your Daddy Do 3:37
SH05 Tonight You’re Mine 5:42
SH06 Everybody 4:06
SH07 Girls Like You 5:02
SH08 Angel 4:35
SH09 Don’t Know Why I Love You 4:14
SH010 Who Do You Think You Are? 3:58
SH011 Something For The Weekend 4:13
SH012 Somebody 4:39

In 2011, There aren’t too many pop metal CD’s that I don’t own, so I stumble across a really good one that I didn’t have, I get pretty excited about it. With TNT’s recent release of A Farewell To Arms, Tony Mills vocals reminded me a lot of the 1989 Shy (England) CD Misspent Youth. This was a really cool CD that I enjoyed a lot. I started wondering why I never heard anything about the follow up CD, Welcome to the Madhouse.  Like many bands on MCA, Shy lost their deal, and Welcome to the Madhouse was originally only released in Japan.  It was reissued in 2001 with a couple of bonus tracks, but has never had a proper release in the United States. Tony Mills was unhappy with the direction of the music, and the band brought in John “Wardi” Ward as the singer.

Wardi is a completely different style of singer than Tony Mills, but he is really good.  His voice combined with the back up vocals of Alan Kelly and Gary Dallaway made for a perfect combination on this CD.

The first song I heard off of this CD was Shy’s cover of the Rolling Stone classic “Its Only Rock ‘N’ Roll” (See Video Below). I loved Shy’s hair mail twist on that song, so I had to seek this CD out.

I am quite glad I found this CD as Welcome to the Madhouse has moments that remind me of a lot of cool bands including Extreme, RATT, Dokken and more.  If you are fan of hair metal, you are going to love this CD.  Finding this CD can be somewhat of a challenge, but it does show up on Ebay from time to time, at semi reasonable prices.  If you can find it, buy it, I highly recommend it!!


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