Ricochet Videos

Ricochet Videos

Maid in His Image

A classic NWOBHM track from Ricochet, one of the original NWOBHM groups from the late 70’s early 80’s, although this song has been written in the current century! Ricochet are alive and well with the original line-up and are currently writing a new album, which this track will be featured on. Special thanks to Steve Johnson for the amazing special effects and footage (check out www.stevejohnsonfx.com). Thanks also to Hubert de Lartigue for allowing us to use excerpts from the modelling shown in ‘Making of “Les Baguettes’’. To see more from Ricochet go to www.ricochet.rocks – get ready for the SWOBHM (Second Wave of British Heavy Metal).

Feet on the Monitors

Another magical Video from the Birmingham NWOBHM outfit, Ricochet. See if you can recognize each album cover. This is the latest Ricochet song to be recorded at Arkham studio in Birmingham, courtesy of our great engineer Alex Cooper. David Gough has had a reputation for 33 years as being an exceptional guitarist, but this has to be one of his best paced solo’s. Geoff Sewell, as usual, has written a contagious chorus that you will be singing long after the song has finished. If “Midas Light” was the most classic NWOBHM rock song of the last century, then this is the contender for this century.

Honest Thieves

In 2007, the Guardian Newspaper uncovered the MP Expense scandal. Geoff Sewell, Singist with Ricochet wrote down a list of the ‘unusual’ items that were actually claimed by the greedy politicians. That list then became the basis for the verse in a new Ricochet song – “Honest Thieves”. Besides being a great 4 minute rock song, it has an awesome chorus at the end that could be the next football chant. Ben Miller (of Miller and Armstrong Fame) is currently performing in London’s West End in a play about the expense scandal called ‘The Duck House’. Footage was recorded at the Asylum Venue in Birmingham, England. All static images are Common Creative copyright. 

Wake Up

This new song really show the bands versatility. It still has that hypnotic blend of rock melody and stunning guitar work but the aficionados will notice the 3-mile-wide cinematic feel. For the first time ever, Ricochet have used something other than guitar drums and bass; they have roamed into the esoteric world of orchestral stabs, which has enhanced this song to what can only be called a rock ballad with knobs on. The pace changes 3 times until you are hit with a haunting brick wall of rock at the end. The band has purposely written a song for a film sound track, (I.E. – The Memoirs of Jillian Haslam) hence the big audio sound; this becomes obvious when you listen closely to the lyrics… the story of how mankind is fucking the world up, in particular, the lives of innocent children. Geoff Sewell once again has penned some legendary lyrics but this time with deep intent and prophetic meaning. ‘Wake Up’ is also an anthem song with a compulsive chant in the last refrain, and subtle Ozzy Osborne type ghostly lyrics weaving through the chorus as it reaches the climax. If this song doesn’t wake you up…then you must be dead and therefore you will sleep for ever!

Midas Light

Probably the best unknown track of all time…the Shawshank Redemption of rock singles. For the first time ever, some footage of the infamous NWOBHM Birmingham band Ricochet performing their classic ‘Midas Light’. Recorded at the Asylum in their home town late last year. The original line-up are back in gear and ready to go. They are looking for slots on European festivals especially in Holland, Germany and Italy where they already have a following. Ricochet are members of http://www.musiciansreunite.com/Camer… Ed Digby and Alan Blackall. Edited by Geoff Sewell.

Shock Rock

Shock Rock was rewritten and recorded in 2000 for RICOCHET’s 20 year reunion, its now been given a second video make over.Cameramen – Edward Digby and Alan Blackall, edited by Geoff Sewell. Ricochet are members of http://www.musiciansreunite.com/

Downtown Rumble

Another NWOBHM track with some history. Written by The Finn and John Cadden (Demolition and Damien) in Germany in 1984 with the band Damien. When Damien split,The Finn  bought this track back to Ricochet in 2000.


This song has an amazing history. Originally penned by The Finn in 1978 (which explains the bass intro) it was called ‘Putting on the frighteners’. It was dropped when Geoff Sewell joined the band in 1980. In 1982 the Finn moved to Germany and set up an Anglo-Deutsch band called Damien and revised the song to Dreadnought, with John Cadden, the old singer of Demolition and the first singer of Damien, supplying new vocals and melody. In 2000 the Finn returned to the UK to re-record Ricochet’s singles and bought Dreadnought back with him. Geoff Sewell re-wrote the lyrics to John Cadden’s melody and this is what you have today. It is a thundering song that has a magical groove, but one thing that sets it apart and puts the Ricochet touch to it are the chords that follow the lead ‘solo’, they are pure Heineken, probably the best rock chords ever. 

Off the Rails

If the muppets did heavy rock, this would be their anthem and if you listen very closely to the original recording there are a lot of muppets throughout the song, from beginning to end. This old school classic three chord rock song is the Johnny Be Good of NWOBHM. Simple, infectious and impossible to stop your foot from tapping. It was the perfect compliment to ‘Midas Light’ as it appeared as the B-side (of a double B-side). There is also a little trivia about this song that no one knows about. The drummer in Ricochet, Mick ‘man in the moon’ Collett is the comedian in the band, but has never sung on any of the bands songs. The original single starts off and ends with Mick’s voice, with his impersonation of ‘Roadrunner’ in the middle. There are 2 versions of ‘Off the Rails’, 1980 and 2000…spot the difference, or if you are old enough, spot the dog. To find out more go to the bands website at www.midaslight.com.Ricochet are members of http://www.musiciansreunite.com/

The Documentary

Matt St Omer of Baltimore, USA, is a big NWOBHM fan and an even bigger Ricochet fan. He has made numerous YouTube videos of ricochet song. He is also a guest lead guitarist on the unreleased Ricochet track ‘Hit and Run’, which is also the name of episode one of the  Adult Animated cartoon series of the band Ricochet. Matt visited the band in 2014 to do many interviews and pictures of the band an previous band members, with a view to make a a documentary of the band.